Research – Microbes

Maxicrop selectively feeds beneficial bacteria, increasing their numbers and their activity.

  • Research at the University of Bristol concluded that Maxicrop seaweed extract produced higher numbers of Pseudomonad bacteria than nutrient solutions on their own.
  • The benefits this brings in terms of increased root and shoot growth were confirmed at Bristol University, where wheat plants grown in isolation from soil bacteria, had reduced root and shoot systems.
  • Bristol and Strathclyde University research teams also confirmed that the beneficial microbes, stimulated by applications of Maxicrop seaweed extract reduced the incidence of….
    • Take-all (Gaeumannomyces graminis) in wheat
    • Damping-off (Rhizoctonia solani) in lettuce
    • Damping-off (Pythium ultimum) in radish
    • Damping-off (Pythium ultimum) in Brassica.