Little & Often

Research has shown that to get the best results, Maxicrop needs to be applied in
low doses but at regular intervals throughout the periods of active plant growth.

This “Little & Often” application approach keeps the plants and, where possible, immediate soil environment, ‘topped-up’ with all the beneficial components of our seaweed extracts.

This helps ensure that a suppressive soil is built up around the plants roots. It also strengthens the natural resistance mechanisms of the plants themselves, thereby leading to improved plant health and productivity. Research has shown that plants that are regularly exposed to low levels of our seaweed extracts establish bigger and deeper roots and are faster growing.

They also develop bigger and greener shoots that are more resistant to stresses from pests, diseases and adverse weather conditions, thus allowing the plants to realise more of their
yield and quality potential.

Soil & Leaf

To achieve faster crop establishment our seaweed extracts must be applied to the soil or young plants around the roots. Hydroponics, or drenching roots every week via a fertigation or some such other system, provides excellent results.

Once plants are well established, regular applications to the foliage should commence. These will improve the plant’s natural resistance mechanisms making them better able to fight off foliar diseases – especially if they are applied along with a fungicide – sap-sucking
insect attacks and to combat the negative effects of adverse weather.

Applications to the foliage and roots will also enable plants to protect and maintain their photosynthetic apparatus during periods of stress allowing for better light utilisation and so providing greater energy for growth and productivity.

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