the Maxicrop Advantage

Maxicrop is probably the most widely respected and well-established seaweed extract brand. We are market leaders in many different regions of the world. (see Maxicrop’s Company Background).

Our long-term customers place great store by the fact that that they know they are getting a quality product that produces the results they need.

However, there are other seaweed extracts available in many markets. Most differ in the way that they work and the claims that are made. So why should you choose Maxicrop?
First and foremost, we believe it is important to look behind the product packaging and promotion. Check out if every claim that is made can be substantiated.

We believe you’ll find that our technical database – which includes many published scientific papers – does just this. (See the 4 principle effects). We know that no other seaweed extract supplier can match this depth of information or scientific credibility.
Secondly, dig even deeper and look at how any supporting data is achieved. Some manufacturers present evidence on their product’s effects from only a handful of sources and some use less than watertight testing methods. We don’t do this. Our results are statistically significant and produced by leading research establishments – acknowledged experts in their fields.

These claims – as laid out in this web site – are based on research on our seaweed extract – nobody else’s. We use a unique manufacturing process to produce a consistent product for consistent plant responses.

Finally we’ve been supplying seaweed extract for 50 years (see Maxicrop’s Company Background). We have been and are in the business for the long term. We are sure it won’t take you long to find a satisfied Maxicrop customer who would be happy to provide you with a long-term testimonial of what our product has done for him.

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