Vegetable producers can obtain the best results by using Maxicrop on the seed or around the developing seedling, or transplant, and then throughout the growth of the crop, as part of a ‘Crop Health Programme’.

Seedling Development

Fundamental research by UK universities shows that Maxicrop not only stimulates the plant’s internal growth processes, but also micro-organisms around the developing root.  Maxicrop, applied to the root zone, will encourage the microbial population to stimulate the release of more nutrients to the plant and prevent antagonistic fungi from attacking the seedling.

The combined effect of this is to improve root growth, and help the developing seedling combat early disease, such as damping-off, thereby improving emergence counts and providing strong establishment.

It is important that the first application of Maxicrop Triple is made to the rooting environment as early as possible in the plant’s life. This ‘primes’ the soil medium.  A second, normally within six weeks of the first, builds on this and properly ‘activates’ the system, usually leading to a visible improvement in plant growth.

Boosting In-season Growth

Field trials and grower experience show that to capitalise upon this early growth effect, Maxicrop should then be regularly used throughout the life of the crop.

Used every two to four weeks – more frequently during periods of particularly rapid growth – Maxicrop increases leaf chlorophyll levels and photosynthetic capacity, fuelling stronger, healthier plant development.

At the same time, Maxicrop raises the plant’s natural defence mechanisms to a higher level, better equipping the crop to resist diseases. The plant is better able to grow through adverse environmental conditions and the effects of pesticide check, diverting more of its energies into growth, with reduced stress.

Best results come from using Maxicrop in combination with pesticides. Research has shown a definite synergy when Maxicrop is applied with a fungicide.

The end result of the complete Crop Health Programme is a well established, strong growing plant that makes the best of all inputs and which usually comes to maturity early, providing a better quality crop.

To the grower this often means earlier harvesting of produce – often in better conditions – that can secure any early market premium.

Used right through to the end of the crop protection programme, Maxicrop can also secure a longer shelf life, again ensuring a marketing advantage from the best possible quality produce.

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