Soft Fruit

Used little and often, throughout the season, Maxicrop Triple will improve plant health, ensuring strong growth.

Working in tandem with a crop protection programme, this approach improves plant productivity, and provides higher quality fruit.

Early Rooting

Applied early in the spring, Maxicrop Triple gets to work in the soil, increasing beneficial soil bacterial activity, ensuring soil borne diseases are suppressed and encouraging early rooting and better nutrient uptake in a more fertile soil.

This is particularly beneficial in new plantings. ‘Root dipping’ and ‘watering-in’ with a Maxicrop solution, before adopting a regular, season-long root drench and/or foliar spray programme, will minimise transplant shock and stimulate early growth.

Leaf Productivity

In order to minimise early growth stresses, improve leaf chlorophyll levels and maximise interception of sunlight to bring crops forward to catch the early market, start using Maxicrop Triple alongside mulching techniques to activate and protect early growth.

Improved Pest and Disease Resistance

Whenever going through the crop to control pests or diseases, add Maxicrop Triple to the tank mix. This will maintain a high stress resistance threshold and help improve the plant’s natural ability to cope with pest or disease pressure.

By mixing Maxicrop in with fungicides, for example, there will be a beneficial synergistic effect on plant health. The fungicide knocks out the disease, the Maxicrop Triple enhances the plant’s defence system reducing the potential damage caused by the fungal disease, making it more resistant to subsequent disease attack.

Cumulative Benefits

Regular, season upon season use has a cumulative effect, ensuring the prolonged productive life and health of fruit plants, canes and bushes.

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