Salad Crops

Salad crops benefit from regular applications of Maxicrop throughout the crop  production period.

By boosting natural growth processes, Maxicrop ensure crops are less prone to stress and quicker to recover from checks in growth.

As a result, higher yielding crops are quicker to market and of better quality than those grown without the bio-stimulant.

Seed Priming

It is important that two early doses – applied by whatever means appropriate to the production system – hit the rooting zone or growing medium to boost beneficial microbe activity. This results in better rooting and improved nutrient availability.

Trials show that an early application applied hydroponically, as a soil drench, or by  pre-soaking or priming seed, prior to planting, improves germination and  establishment counts.

If growers are planting raised modules, then root dipping is an alternative means of ensuring strong rooting and fast, early development of crops.

Fast Growth

Then, by maintaining Maxicrop applications throughout the growing period, leaves are greener and more productive.

Maxicrop also helps raise the stress threshold within plants ensuring that environmental or man-induced stresses, such as fungicide-check are less restrictive. By improving plant health, fungicide and pest control measures are also more effective.

The end result is a more productive plant. Produce is less prone to breakdown or storage rotting and picking can be prolonged as a result of the greener, healthier,  longer living plant.

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