Nursery Stock

Maxicrop is widely used in cut flower or nursery stock production to stimulate strong, healthy plant growth, leading to better quality cut blooms or stronger transplants.

Stronger Plants

Applications around the roots – particularly in plants grown in soil or in pots – will stimulate microbial activity which encourages rooting and minimises the risks of root diseases.

Used throughout the season, Maxicrop maintains plant health by boosting leaf chlorophyll levels and raising the plant’s threshold to environmental and other related stresses.

For example, Maxicrop can reduce the effects of pesticide or temperature shock in glasshouses or drought in nurseries.

Regular use will also ensure diseases such as mildew and botrytis and insect, mite or spider pests are less damaging – the plant being better able to resist attack.

Better Blooms

Plants will be more prolific at flowering and sprays to the foliage at budding prior to cutting will provide greener leaves and stems and strengthen blooms, improving shelf or vase life.

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