Season-long use of low rates of Maxicrop Triple maintains strong bine growth with minimal stress.

Rooting and Regrowth

Sprays after pruning, and prior to winter, will improve roots without stimulating excessive shoot growth. This ensures the crop will grow away quickly in the spring.  Applied via a fertigation system or as early sprays targeting the soil, Maxicrop Triple increases microbial activity, encouraging early spring rooting and greening-up new growth.

Maxicrop Triple can also be applied along with soil drenches to support the control of damson hop aphids.

Bine Development

Used regularly, throughout the season, Maxicrop Triple strengthens bine growth and hop development, minimising handling damage.

When mixed with mildew sprays or red-spider mite acaricides, the bio-stimulant provides improved plant health, working in harmony with the pesticide.

Regular, season upon season use, either through the fertigation system or as foliage sprays, will have a cumulative effect and help ensure the prolonged productive life of the crop.

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