Typical Turf Application Programme

Typical Turf Application Programme
Detailed below is a suggested application programme that will provide you with the full bio-stimulant benefits. It is by no means set in stone, and it should be stressed that Maxicrop’s products have a wide calendar of application. However, by adapting it to suit your own requirements, you will be sure of achieving deep-rooted success.

February – March  If carrying out spring renovation work use Maxicrop Seaweed Meal.

As re-growth starts – start to condition turf with a bio-stimulantNo.1 or No.7

Apply potash if required – at the same time as conditioning the turf by using No.3 Pro-K-Plus.

March – April
If you need to kill moss, use No.2

Continue to boost strong early growth with No.1 or No.7

April – September
Switch to Maxicrop No.4 or No.5 to supply nitrogen and potassium at the same time as maintaining the bio-stimulant effect.

No.6 is particularly useful as a rapid green-up agent prior to major events/tournaments.

September – November
Harden-off turf by using No.6 (rich in iron) or No.3 Pro-K-Plus to provide high potash.

Use Seaweed Meal to recharge the soils eco-system.

November – January
Use No.1, No.6 or No.7 to maintain turf health without providing a flush of  unwanted growth.

Tank Mix Capabilities
Maxicrop should be applied alongside and where possible tank-mixed with fungicides. For a full list of compatible products, contact technical.uk@valagro.com

Water Volumes
Apply foliage sprays in sufficient water volumes (100-400l/ha) to ensure maximum leaf and stem coverage, as well as soil penetration.

Tank Mix Procedure
The order in which products are added to the spray tank is generally not critical, although good practice is always to add Maxicrop to the spray tank last.

Where possible, shake well before use and add to a half-filled sprayer. Keep the agitation system working throughout the mixing and during spraying.

Pack Size
Maxicrop is normally supplied in 10 litre packs.