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Turf Care Products
Maxicrop produces a unique range of seaweed extract based bio-stimulants that utilise tried, tested and proven effects to encourage strong, healthy grass growth.

They do so by stimulating key biological systems, both in the plant and also the soil, encouraging natural soil fertility and natural plant growth.

With other compounds added to the bio-stimulant, you can use a ready-packaged moss-killer, a balanced fertiliser or iron, to obtain other additional growth effects.

However, the key is the seaweed extract at the heart of everything we produce. By adopting our products throughout the year you’ll have a dual-action effect that provides your turf with everything it needs, quickly, correctly and effectively, but at the same time keeping it healthy and vibrant.

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Turf Bio-Stimulants
No.1 Triple Seaweed
No.7 Organic Concentrate

Bio-Stimulants With Iron
No.2 Moss Killer & Conditioner
No.6 ProGreen

Bio-Stimulant Based Fertilisers
No.3 Pro-K-Plus No.4 FineTurf Fertiliser (Zero Phosphate)
No.5 Plus 17% Nitrogen

Maxicrop Seaweed Meal

Typical Turf Application Program