Amenity Turf

Amenity Turf
The use of Maxicrop’s bio-stimulant-based turf healthcare programmes offer a natural way of improving soil fertility and maintaining healthy grass growth, in a situation where frequent cutting, and rigorous sport activity, creates significant plant stresses.

Healthier Root Zones
One key discovery is that the base seaweed extract in all of Maxicrop’s products directly stimulates soil microbe activity – particularly bacteria such as the fluorescent pseudomonads.

These beneficial bacteria are fuelled by a variety of natural substances within Maxicrop. Indeed, Maxicrop helps them to proliferate and revitalise the soil.

The increased microbe activity also helps the turnover of dead material, minimising problems of thatch and increasing soil organic matter.

These same bacteria by either producing acids or directly using chemical elements found in the soil, release nutrients for growth.

In so doing, root growth proliferates, providing a depth and stability that can sustain turf, providing better fertiliser and soil moisture uptake from a deeper root zone.

The microbes are also antagonistic to fungal pathogens. They thereby minimise the risks of soil borne disease – a major benefit for those on sites where damping-off and other diseases threaten re-seeds.

Healthier Turf
At the same time as working in the soil, Maxicrop also has a direct effect on the plant. Here it enters either through the leaf or the root and directly influences a variety of critical growth processes.

At the heart of this is its effect on chlorophyll production, potentially boosting the photosynthetic process, directly stimulating natural plant growth.

This chlorophyll effect also influences rooting, resulting in an even stronger foundation. At the same time it ensures good tillering and better ground cover.

Finally, regular low-rate applications of any of Maxicrop’s bio-stimulants will also directly influence the health of turf. The complex mix of betaines within the bio-stimulant maintains the plant’s stress thresholds at high levels.

The end result is a high quality, hard-wearing and durable playing surface. One that you can be proud of and which will stand up to the rigours of modern sport.

Turf Care Philosophy
The best early season approach is to top-up the soil and plant system every 3-4 weeks with Maxicrop’s bio-stimulant and minor element liquids or solids.

Later in the spring and summer, a switch to products containing just the right fertiliser mix will provide needed nutrition at the same time as maintaining healthy growth.

At other times – particularly for hardening-off prior to the winter or for moss control – specially formulated seaweed extracts plus added iron are more appropriate.

To get the best from our products, we have a range of component programmes tried and tested with turf specialists. It is simply a case of calling them in, or contacting us direct, for the full facts and specifications of our continually evolving range.

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