Fast establishment, and then strong active healthy crop growth, are critical for high pea and bean yields.

By using Maxicrop early in the crop’s establishment phase, root development and soil microbial activity is increased, improving nutrient and moisture uptake.

A strong healthy root system ensures root nodules remain healthy and function at optimum levels for maximum free nitrogen fixation.

Early use of Maxicrop helps to reduce stresses that can significantly reduce active growth, e.g. cold, waterlogging and drought.

At the same time, Maxicrop stimulates chlorophyll production. This will help optimise photosynthetic activity, allowing maximum carbohydrate production for good grain fill and yield.

Finally, Maxicrop enhances the plant’s natural defence mechanism. This helps the plant withstand pest and disease pressure as well as environmental stress.

The net result is more energy diverted into flower and pod formation and then into grain fill for optimum yield.

Both peas and beans can benefit from the use of Maxicrop to help with stress relief during the critical flowering/ pod fill period.

Spring beans can be particularly sensitive to drought and yields can suffer severely if affected by moisture stress at a critical stage.

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