Manipulating Tubers

Used at tuber initiation, Maxicrop Triple ensures strong tuber set in ‘shy’ potato varieties.

These early applications can also help the crop withstand the pressures of frost, reducing damage. Producers of early potatoes have found  this to be particularly beneficial.

Further, in-season, foliar applications encourage tuber growth and – by prolonging green leaf area – improve bulking.

Thus a greater number of tubers can be properly managed to meet  the desired grade for the end market – earlies, ware, bakers or seed.

Tuber Initiation

Used early and targeted at the soil, Maxicrop produces very significant population increases in soil bacteria and in particular the pseudomonads.

This increase in beneficial microbial activity directly releases nutrients from soil and fertiliser reserves; reduces soil borne disease pressures and produces further growth stimulating compounds.

This results in stronger early root growth and plant development, providing more tubers per plant.

This is a particularly valuable effect in shy tuber setting varieties and in seed crops.

Tuber Bulking

When potatoes are bulking-up, Maxicrop Triple, applied along with blight fungicides has a direct effect on plant health, ensuring heavier tubers and a more even grade.

Hungarian Plant Protection Institute research  shows that betaines within Maxicrop Seaweed Extract, in combination with specific trace element co-factors which are added to formulate  Maxicrop Triple, increase the plant’s natural immune mechanism.

Furthermore, by mixing Maxicrop Triple at low levels with the blight spray programme, there is a positive synergistic effect on disease control. The fungicides have a direct effect on any blight spores that might be present, while the Maxicrop improves the plant’s natural defence mechanism, enabling the crop to better resist further disease pressure.

At the same time, Portsmouth University work shows that the same specific mix of betaines found within Maxicrop Triple can increase leaf chlorophyll, boosting photosynthesis.

The end result is a healthier plant that is better equipped to resist stress and which can better utilise sunlight energy into productive growth.

Regular use over the summer can help growers extend the bulking period. Late season sprays will help retain productive green leaf area, ensuring more even sizing of tubers of the required grade.

Maxicrop is thus a valuable management tool, ensuring growers can burn-down as early as possible after having achieved the right grades. This is particularly valuable for the production of bakers.

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