Production Process

The seaweed, taken fresh from the sea, is chopped, dried and milled into seaweed meal. This approach minimises loss of active constituents or microbial contamination – problems associated with other manufacturer processes that leave the seaweed  to dry naturally.

Maxicrop is now manufactured in modern facilities in Norway, by our sister company Algea. However, the base extraction process still follows the successful formula developed by Maxicrop in the UK where macerated seaweed is hydrolysed in a pressure chamber, facilitating the extraction of all the main beneficial substances in seaweed.

This process is known to enable maximum extraction of beneficial compounds such as betaines, short-chain carbohydrates and sugars. Over 50 years, the process has been refined to produce a highly active, more complete base product than virtually all other extraction processes.

Maxicrop’s base extract, manufactured by this process, is sold in a variety of markets – including organic sectors and gardening. It is also produced in more concentrated forms, which are the base for Maxicrop Triple – a ‘flag-ship’ product widely used in agriculture, horticulture and turf management.

We also supply products with a range of additional nutrients, thereby providing a complete fertiliser and bio-stimulant combination effect for a range of situations.

Rigorous quality control checks are carried out to ensure product consistency.

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